What is "HITO Branding" ?

Our Unique Personal Branding Method, “HITO Branding” and its Strategy

Modern life is completely different to the way people lived in the past due to abundant information and products, increased competition and rapid changes of ethics values.  The individual social network service (SNS) has become more influential than the mass media.   Information transmitted by individuals through SNS has a stronger influence than company advertisement. 

What should companies do to be chosen by customers and expand their business sustainably in this competitive modern era?

Our answer is building brands focusing on “people.”


People are not satisfied with only good products and services in this materialistic world.  Good products can be copied by other companies and as a result price competition becomes more severe.  Companies are chosen by customers on the basis of the company’s “hidden assets” such as corporate philosophy, passion for customers, and the company mission.   In fact, companies, products, and services chosen by customers aware of these values can command enhanced loyalty and satisfaction.  These companies are competitive and at an advantage concerning price competition.  

“HITO branding” is our original method to build corporate brands on the basis of “people.” The “strength of the company and the organization” and the charm of the “key person” are integrated to clarify the identity of the organization communicated online (website) and offline (presentation). We implement the process to develop a global brand through strategic communication. We use the process with our corroborative global networks where necessary.


Customers listen more to information obtained from “people” who they trust and connect with through word of mouth. Customers and stakeholders are connected to the company and the key person of the company. This relationship of trust builds corporate brands. No two people are entirely alike in this world. Only “People” can build the “ultimate brand” and make an absolute difference when compared to other companies.


In fact, some parts of the company previously considered as disadvantages turn into advantages after the company is thoroughly analyzed. A company’s strength is discovered through the process of designing brand strategies. The employees are motivated and the company keeps morale high to achieve higher goals. We trust the appropriate branding strategies will result in innovations within the company.