Four Services to Communicate the “Competitive Value” to the World

We deliver the strengths of diversified companies, social groups, and communities within Japan and overseas through the charm of “people.” We have business partners with an abundance of experience in Japan and overseas. With global networks, we provide services as follows.

Brand Strategy

The strengths of the company and the power of the key person within the company are integrated to create a grand design to be effectively delivered within Japan and overseas.  We draw upon the untapped strengths of your organization through profound hearings and conducting consultations carefully, which results in an effective return on investment.   We conduct strategic planning to make the best methods to promote your organization clear.

Web PR / Content Production

We produce your company web content in the style of a “STORY” which promotes the values of the company and shares episodes related to your employees. This valuable content is transmitted to the world on your website and by SNS. In order to attract supporters of the company, videos, photos, designs, and messages, etc. are effectively used to display the strengths and appeal of the company and its employees.

Presentation / Seminar Support

You will receive our support to make effective English presentations. With an abundance of experience in supporting presentations in foreign affiliated companies, our support services will offer advice on designing presentation materials and building the logical flow of your presentation with your “story”. We also provide presentation supporting services to plan and conduct domestic seminars.

Global Project Support

We have global networks which provide an abundance of information in North America, Europe and Asia. We design and implement projects to meet your various needs. Our experience includes various global projects such as building brands in overseas markets and corresponding with contacts from overseas and corresponding with overseas media, conducting naming surveys in ten different languages.