H&K Global Connections is an Global Brand consultancy leveraging the value of your People.  We exist to assist in the marketing activities of those who want to create their own brand and expand into the global market.

Company Name

H&K Global Connections Inc.


March 3, 2006



Katy Horiuchi

Business Description

Marketing & Brand Consulting


2-7-5 Senrien Toyonaka City, Osaka, Japan
+81-6-6841-7351 (Weekdays: 9:30-17:30)


Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Toyonaka Branch

Company Logo

  • COLOR:
    A combination of blue, grey and white combine to represent the borderless sea and sky, integrity, reliability and hope.


  • SHAPE:
    The blue circle represents the global earth, the seven-treasures figure represents a wide network of people. The lines of the white flower coming from the seven-treasures figure represent a new brand born of the world-wide human network.

* Overlapping Circle ;   The Seven Treasures (Shippo)
The overlapping quarter-circle is also called the seven-treasures connector.  The origin of the seven treasures figure is X a phrase meaning to spread in all directions. The word, "Shippo", meaning “all directions” is pronounced the same way as (Shippo) meaning “seven treasures.”  The seven-treasures figure was used instead.